Scottish Glass Thistle Watering Pipe


Handmade Decorative Functional



The glass Thistles come in two colours, Teal Green and Light Green.

The Scottish Glass Thistle Watering Pipe is a unique functional and decorative design inspired by the rich history and the several legends surrounding the oldest recorded National Flower and one of the most well-known, and easily recognised symbols of Scotland.

Its functional use as a pipe allows the water to run slowly into the soil and closer to the roots of the plant. Furthermore, it represents one of the most important aspects of human relationship, growth and sustainability!

The thistle with the delicate flower heads and viciously sharp thorns is both beautiful and sharp and glass is the perfect material to represent the resilient humble weed, as it shares the same qualities.

All our glass thistles are hand blown, made of Borosilicate glass and annealed (cooled) in a kiln for eight hours. Each glass thistle comes in a hard box with instructions leaflet, a small history of how it became Scotland’s symbol and a pipe cleaner.

Additional information

Weight700 g
Dimensions135 × 45 cm

Light Green, Teal Green


All our products are individually handmade hence there might be slight differences in the dimensions and appearance of the product you will receive from the one pictured at the online shop.

Thistle - Front
Scottish Glass Thistle Watering Pipe